Ross Ulbricht, Duolingo & sh1n4r

The power of curiosity - and APIs
Did Ross Ulbricht learn Spanish on Duolingo?

Ivano Somaini made a terrific discovery about Duolingo API. Let's dive into it. Also, we've got a gift for you. Don't get used to it.

  • APIs
  • Duolingo
  • sh1n4r

Bad Trip - Part I

OSINT and RIOTS in Brazil
Who created this MyMaps from Google?

Brazil went on a real political fire during violent demonstrations in January 8th. Check out how OSINT was used on a very curious map.

  • MyMaps exploration
  • Snoop and Maigret

Bad Trip - Part II

OSINT and RIOTS in Brazil ep. 2
Who else is involved?

In this post we continue our case study on how more than 20 actors where identified with various OSINT techniques.

  • Google/Facebook
  • Epios
  • Skypehunt

(EXIF)ing Scammers

Website frauds are rampant in Brazil
But can we identify criminals hidden behind private domains?

In Brazil, fake auction websites are heavily used to scam people out of their money. Let's take a dive into it.

  • Wordpress tricks
  • EXIFTool
  • Recursive Data Gathering